Q: Is the free version really free or just a trial?
A: Its free, if you like it you may want to upgrade but you'll always have access to the free version.
Q: Can my computer handle it?
A: The free version is relatively light but it does require a newer computer and modern browser. Before you upgrade take a look at our minimum system requirements.
Q: I tried to load the free version but all I see is a grey screen?
A: Make sure you have a current adobe flash plugin, clear your browser cache - restart your browser.
Q: It says my screen resolution is too low, what should I do?
A: Unfortunately we are building towards the future and most current computers support 1280 pixel width. We will be coming out with variations for different screens in the future.
Q: Can I choose which Sports Books I see in the free version?
A: You can't save or change any settings in the free versions. We choose to feature certain books and they may change at any time.
Q: When will the Pro & Gold editions be available?
A: Soon!

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