General Navigation

The hattrick application is divided into three windows:

  • Main Window
  • Don Best Handicappers Picks
  • TV and News

The Handicappers window along the bottom displays offers from our expert handicappers. The TV and News window on the right displays up to the minute news on all sports. This can be filtered to display only relevant sports if preferred. Clicking a news story will display the full story in a popup window. These two windows can be closed using the X icon.

The main screen has a menu bar across the top, with drop down menu options. To the right of that is the message inbox which contains messages like injuries, lineup changes, final scores. Below that are a number of tabs to switch between sports displayed.

The menu across the top has a number of items which are accessible to the Free version. In the Windows drop down, you can switch between looking at the Baseball Total (moneyline) or Takebacks (over/under) odds. There is also an option to refresh a page, sport, screen or all. The page will refresh automatically anyway.

In the layout drop down menu, you can chose between a vertical and horizontal grey/white shading pattern. Depending on how you wish to look at the page, you may prefer one of these.

The Help drop down gives you a number of options if you need assistance. Report Bugs gives you a way to tell us about anything you have found that you think should be fixed. The Online Help is this guide, the FAQ is a list of questions we have received about Hattrick and the video tutorial is a video showing how to use the system. The Contact section only has one option in Hattrick Free, email. Online Chat and Telephone will be available in future versions. Upgrade shows you the benefits and options for upgrading your subscription and About gives you some information about the product and version you are using.

Game Grid

The main screen is divided into a number of columns, with a row for each game. The columns are:

  • Score: this is discussed in more detail below
  • Game: For reference only
  • Team: The teams in the match (and pitchers in baseball)
  • Time: The time and date the matchup starts
  • CRIS Opener: The opening odds as displayed on CRIS
  • Public Money: The percentage of money bet on each team
  • Best Odds: Shows which bookmaker has currently the best odds for a team
  • Sports Books: The other columns are the individual books

Each row contains a matchup, with the road team on top, and the home team underneath. Right clicking on a game gives you access to more information about a game, including Injuries, Weather, Score Updates or Game Information (a summary of the above).

The score column shows a number of different items, and varies by game. On the left of the column is the sport/league that the game refers to, in the example below, College Football.

College Football
  • U stands for urgent message. Click this to display the message. This might be something like a key players' injury status being updated or a change in pitcher.
  • W gives you a weather forecast for the game.
  • I is an injury report. All players are listed, with key players highlighted on the report.
  • L shows you the lineup when known, including pitcher and officials.
  • TVs station carrying the game also show up as the station initials, in the above example, ABC.

In the top left, there is a search box where you can search for a team using the team's rotation number, name, city or search for a league. Next to that is a drop down list that allows you to toggle between odds for the entire game (default) and odds to win a particular quarter/half etc.

Advanced Options

Right clicking on the left half of the row gives you access to the following menu options:

Game Info *Gold & Pro Only
Highlights and important injury or line move.
Score History
Inning-by-inning (or quarter-by-quarter) list of goals or runs.
Relevant stadium weather info like wind speed and direction.
Injured players and their status from both teams, important injuries are highlighted.

Right clicking on the right half of the row gives you access to the following menu options:

Line History
See how the odds have changed for that game at that bookmaker.
Lets you highlight a cell for easy reference and refresh refreshes the cell immediately.
Compares odds for that matchup between the listed bookmakers.